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Equipment and extras

Relax! All the equipment you could possibly require can be supplied by me for your use during the tuition or guiding session.

In addition I have for sale:

The best quality fly lines, WF6 or WF7 Floating lines £15 superb for reservoir or Sea Trout fishing, these lines shoot perfectly, with no memory, guaranteed!

Backing £3

Leader £3

30m 6lb Tippet £2

                                 These boxes come 4 threaders and slotted foam to accommodate up to 230 flies.12 flies included in the kit

My goal is to set you on the road to becoming a successful fly fisherman, and with my guidance this can be achieved in a very short time.

Of course if you have your own equipment you are welcome to use it, should it be unsuitable in my opinion for the fishing being undertaken my equipment is available.

Although I do supply waders, I do not provide wet weather gear, so please take the conditions into account when you plan to visit, see my links page for local weather.

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Experienced fly fishing on some of the south west best rivers for trout.


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