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Frequently asked questions

Q. Who is the girl in the picture above?

A. That is my daughter Maria into a nice fish.

Q. When should I plan my visit to coincide with some good fishing?

A. During different times of the season certain waters fish better than others, this is where the services of the Devon Flyfisher comes in. Having an intimate knowledge of my local waters means that your chances of being successful are greatly increased when you employ me.

Q. Where can we stay?

A. There are numerous Bed & Breakfasts in the area. A list can be e-mailed to you on request of the B&B’s I recommend. Country hotels or self-catering cottages are also available.
See the links page for more information.

Q. Where do we meet up?

A. We meet in Cheriton Bishop or at the venue.

Q. Is fly fishing only for men?

A. Absolutely not! See the picture on my guiding page, I taught the lady holding the large Sea Trout how to fly fish from scratch, and now she is a very successful fly fisherwoman!

Q. Where can we purchase fly fishing equipment?

A. From me! I supply outfits and I carry many of the accessories associated with fly fishing that you can purchase at trade rates and an excellent selection of productive flies.

Q. What will the weather be like in Devon while we are fishing?

A. Being on the edge of Dartmoor the weather can change here by the hour. Bring sunscreen and your waterproofs, no matter when you are coming. Typical temperatures range from the 55's -70's in April-June and September, and 60's - 80's in July-August. The best advice is to call me the week before you are coming and I might have an idea about what to expect for weather. See my links page for local weather forecasts.

Q. Should I bring my own fishing equipment?

A. You are very welcome to bring your own equipment. However I supply all the equipment necessary at no extra cost. Should you need to purchase any equipment we have local tackle shops nearby in Exeter. An equipment list will be sent when reservations are made.

Q. What type of rod licence do I need?

A. See my links page, in essence brown trout and rainbow trout in river or lake require a non-migratory trout licence, and Salmon/Sea Trout require the full licence, both types are also available in 1 day,8 day or full season.

Q. What's included and what isn't?

A. Use of all fishing equipment is free of charge; rods, reels, waders etc. Rod licences (see my links page) are not included.

Q. What is there to do for a non-fisherman in and around Devon?

A. Nearby is Dartmoor National Park which has numerous hiking trails and abounds with wildlife for the non-fishing nature lovers and photographers. Horseback riding is available at local farms. Tourist attractions include the National Trust's Castle Drogo, in a commanding position high above the Teign, the delightful little town of Chagford , the cathedral city of Exeter and its large shopping centre is only 10 miles away- and the glorious Devon coast is not far away. I suggest you take a look at the links page to plan that side of your trip or click here for the Visit Devon site



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